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Trustribe is a reputation management system for Peer-to-Peer services.

It was a prize-winning start-up at several hackathons: Startup weekend Vilnius, Appcamp to name a few. In September, 2013 Trustribe completed its first seed round.

Trustribe is currently recruiting customers for its beta stage. 

My role

I joined Trustribe in November, 2012. As product lead, I helped shape the vision and execution of the product . I took a holistic approach -- envisioning product strategy to implementing visual design.

  • Product design: selected key features for MVP.

  • Information architecture: created page structures for Widgets, Dashboard and Landing pages.

  • Interaction design: created user flows for Widgets and Dashboard.

  • Wireframing: implemented rapid wireframing to communicate ideas

  • Prototyping: made prototypes using InVision to gather feedback from potential customers.

  • UI: designed interfaces using Photoshop

  • Visual design: created graphic style including landing page, business cards, etc.

Widget iterations

Product was iterated three times in search for optimal features combination and style.



Feedback widget

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Company dashboard






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