“Leveraging mobile to grow your business”

2016-05-10 Keynote at Baltic Mobilisation event organised by Google in Vilnius, Riga and Talin

“People evolved to be designers”

2016-05-06 Keynote at LOGIN conference at Vilnius 

“Design thinking workshop”

2015-09-16 Workshop organised by LiMA (Lithuania marketing association)

“Product in 48 hours”

2015-09-25 Keynote at Hacker Games Klaipeda 

“Lessons about experiments”

2015-02-24 Vilnius Product Meetup

“Step by step from idea to validated product design”

2015-08-05 Workshop organised by Startup Lithuania
2015-08-02 Idea Ring at Yaga festival
2015-05-08 Workshop at Login 2015 conference

“Guerilla market research or how to stop guessing?”

2014-04-22 Keynote at ISM innovators base

“Every founder should be a UX designer”

2014-07-03 Workshop organised by Startup Lithuania

The most important design lesson from San Francisco

2014-04-10 Keynote at LOGIN 2014 conference