Sharing on mobile


The goal of Growth team in Vinted, is to look for the ways to increase product virality. Sharing was the opportunity we wanted to explore. During the four months we increased sharing activity from the product by 150% and are further optimising the flow for maximum impact on virality.


Building sharing funnel

Sharing is analysed as a funnel here in Vinted. The funnel starts inside the product by member deciding to share to someone clicking the shared link on social media or other medium and ends with new members installing the app.

  2. Clicks 
  3. New members

We track every step of the funnel: how much sharing messages each moment generates and to which channel, how much clicks and how many installs. So every improvement could be measured. 


Optimising the funnel

Funnel optimisation started from increasing the number of shares. By analysing the product and reading current posts about Vinted on social media, we identified the moments inside the product members will be likely to share.  Moments were prioritised by the potential they have and implemented accordingly.  


Some lessons we learned along the way:

  1. Clear statement why member should care, increase the conversion to sharing. 
  2. Private sharing is the future. Members want to spread the message directly to those who would care about it. 
  3. Suggested sharing options can significantly impact members behaviour.



Further steps

After the number of shares were increased, we started to optimise the messages itself. Currently we are experimenting with different copy and imagery. Further focus point after messages will be landing page optimisation.