The situation


Pipelinepharma is a marketplace for producers and suppliers in the pharmaceutical industry.

The client hired Producters (agency I worked with) to build a marketplace for bringing its offline trading procedures online , in order to scale its business.

Product was launched as MVP in October, 2013 and has been iterated several times since then.

My role

As part of Producters team, my role was to envision and design the product. Working closely with the client, we were able to bring the best offline trading practices and incorporate them into the new product.

  • Wireframing: created few sets of wireframes to discover optimal layout.
  • Prototyping: implemented prototype with Axure to gather feedback from the client.
  • Interaction design: created user flows for the product.
  • Information architecture: structured the navigation for the marketplace.
  • UI: designed interface using Photoshop.
  • Visual design: laid foundation for the company's style.



Iinteractive prototype was created using Axure to speed up development process.



Market page



Messaging interface



Landing page