Ping Pong design challenge


Design challenge was to create Ping Pong mobile application (for internal client's usage) to encourage people play ping pong outside their project teams and would allow:

  1. Game partner finding
  2. Game results recording
  3. Leaderboard display


User stories

To identify potential depth of the application and brainstorm potential scenarios.

How? I recorded potential user stories and grouped them into epics


Metrics of success

To guide my design decisions


  • Number of unique playing partners
  • Number of unique playing partners/ number of games played
  • Number of games played (recorded in the application)



To identify the features set for a MVP.

How? I broke down the epics into smaller elements and evaluated them by relevance to success metrics.




To visuals the interactions and relationships among the user stories.

How? Mapped the selected features into a taskflow



User flows

To visualize taskflows as interfaces along with their relationships

How? Created user flows and identified mandatory functionality for each screen. (Required buttons, fields, etc.)


To determine interactions and to imagine potential layouts.

How? Wireframed each screen and linked them together


Visual design