The situation

Parva is an internal invoice management system for a  debt relief company.

The client hired Producters to create an internal system for debt management automation. Before,  invoices were  manually matched with payments and it was a challenge to create reports for clients.

The product is currently being developed and will be launched in April, 2014 for client’s internal usage.

My role

As part of Producters, my role was to create the interface for the product.

  • User research (Client's employees were interviewed to understand their daily operations)
  • Prototyping (Prototype was created using InVision app to gather feedback)
  • Interaction design (Navigation patterns were created, that would unify experience among different parts of the product)
  • UI (Interface design was created using Photoshop)
  • Visual design (Graphic visual foundation was created for further development)


From early wireframes to final design

Navigation was changes to vertical to offer more flexibility for adding extra features. Main window was structured, so that he same patterns could be implemented in other screens. Top bar was dedicated for global actions.

 Early wireframe's comparison to the final product

Early wireframe's comparison to the final product


Payment and invoice matching