Grocery shopping design challenge

The situation

Design challenge was to create an application that would make grocery shopping more effective for selected target audience. I wanted to see what I can do within 6 hours, where every decision would be based on customer feedback.


User research

Understand behaviour patterns and identify potential problems that the app could solve

How? I targeted a group of 24-30 yr old professionals and conducted problem interviews with 6 people within that group

 Notes from user reseach

Notes from user reseach




  • Primary needs for target group include saving time and money while grocery shopping.
  • Majority of people interviewed share their living space with others.


The target group could save time and money by collaborating with their roommates for grocery shopping.


Key obstacle preventing collaboration is that people find it hard to track shared expenses for grocery shopping.


Use cases

Test which potential design solutions would solve encourage collaboration

How? Sketched 3 potential use cases and dot-voted with the help of 8 I had interviewed

 Dot voting on sketches of the use cases

Dot voting on sketches of the use cases


Success metrics

Guide my design decisions towards measurable outcomes


  • # of grocery items shared within a household
  • $ spent in month_1 /$ spent in month_0
  • $ spend in month/# of purchases


User stories

To identify potential breadth of the product and select features for the MVP

How? Brainstormed all the possible user stories and grouped them into epics and evaluated them by relevance to success metrics.

 Short user stories

Short user stories



Visualize the interactions and relationships among the user stories.

How? Mapped the selected features into a taskflows

 Sketches of the&nbsp;main functionality task flows&nbsp;

Sketches of the main functionality task flows 



To determine interactions and to imagine potential layouts.

How? Wireframed each screen and linked them together 

 Main functionality paper wireframe sketches

Main functionality paper wireframe sketches


Visual design

How? Created high fidelity mockups for key screens. 

visual design